Angela  Newton

Meet my photographer, videographer and real life energiser bunny Angela Newton. 

Ang is responsible for all the photographs and videos at Office2Site.  Ang is awesome at sourcing shoot locations, arranging props including heavy plant and equipment, planes and pooches.

I have admired Ang’s photos forever and I was delighted when she accepted the brief to be the photographer for Office2Site.

Ang is the best at making sure the energy on the shoot is high and that models are comfortable, relaxed and that they keep an authentic smile. When models are a no show, Ang jumps right in to help.

Before becoming a photographer, Ang worked in both the medical and construction fields. Ang knows exactly what’s it is like to be working on the tools all day and then called into a client meeting.

This hardworking blonde bombshell identifies as Indigenous Australian. Along with her dad watched proudly as her son was recognised at  the an Indigenous “Deadly Kids 2019” awards. Ang is a very proud mum.

Ang loves are her son, pooch, partner, light and photography in that order!  As a photographer Ang specialises in working with pets, particularly dogs, construction sites. corporate head shots and on-site shoots but is best known for her understanding capture of light, and crazy dog antics.